Produktbild Rogadaq16

RogaDAQ 16


USB Front End mit integrierter ICP

RogaDAQ16 Spezifikation:


Analog Inputs
Number of inputs 16
Input Impedance 1MOhm differential
Analog bandwidth 0 – 20 kHz (DC mode);
1Hz – 20 kHz/1dBAC,
IEPE (low frequency version on request)
ADC sample rate 500/400kHz
Resolution 16 bit
Input voltage ranges ±0.125, ±1.25, ±2.5, ±5, ±10V
IEPE sensor supply 4 mA/24V
Maximum input voltage/td> ±40V
Gain accuracy 0.2% typical

Analog Outputs
Number of outputs 4
Sample rate 100kHz/ch.
Resolution 16 bit
Settling time ±20V / 10µ, ±1V / 1µ
Output ranges 0 – 10V, ±10V
Maximum current 5mA
Impedance 0.2Ohm

Digital Outputs
Number of inputs / outputs 24
Type LVCMOS, 5V tolerant
Maximum current 2.5mA
Number of counters 2
Resolution 24 bit
Modes up/down, frequency, period
PWM channels 1
Resolution 24 bit
Frequency range 2Hz – 2.5MHz
Incremental counters 24 bit incremental
6 bit time stamp
Interpolation 1 / 2 / 4
Maximum frequency 20MHz
Dimensions 180mm (w) x 167mm (d) x 80mm (h)
Weight Approx. 2kg
Power Supply Adapter 100V – 230V AC/
5V DC (included)